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Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find Terms and Conditions for the program?
I started my fundraising campaign. What if I can’t reach the minimum to get 25% profit?
We want to make it easy for coordinators to run their campaigns and see results even if the minimum is not achieved. This season we’re introducing new profit levels based on your order value:
 - Orders between $100 and $499 get a 5% profit cheque
 - Orders between $500 and $749 get a 10% profit cheque
 - Orders between $750 and $999 get a 20% profit cheque
 - Orders $1,000 and above get a 25% profit cheque
What is the minimum for the Group Savings program this Christmas Season?
Prices in the catalogue are already discounted. Your group order total needs to be a minimum of $750 before taxes and shipping to be eligible for the 25% discount.
What is the campaign submission deadline, and why is it important?
Your campaign’s submission deadline is based on the given delivery window. Each coordinator must submit their campaign on time to get their order delivered within the given delivery window. If the coordinator misses their submission date, then the delivery window will no longer apply to that specific campaign.
Once you submit your campaign, we will process and pack your order within three (3) business days and send you tracking information. Please refer to the carrier’s website to get the delivery notifications.
What’s the seasonal program submission deadline this Christmas season?
The Purdys Seasonal Program’s final deadline is started below, no orders may be submitted from coordinators or their supporters beyond these deadlines.
 - Group Order submission deadline: Nov 24, 2021 (Wed)
 - Seasonal Fundraising Order submission deadline: Nov 30, 2021 (Tue)
When will my order arrive?
When you start your campaign, we provide you with a delivery window based on your location. When your campaign is submitted, you will receive a tracking number. Please refer to the carrier’s website to get the delivery notifications.
Where do I find shipping and tax information?
Estimated Transit Days
Shipping Fee
British Columbia 1-4 business days FREE 5%
Alberta 2-6 business days FREE 5%
Saskatchewan 2-6 business days FREE 11%
Manitoba 3-7 business days FREE 12%
Ontario 4-8 business days FREE 13%
Quebec 4-8 business days 2% 9.975%
New Brunswick 5-9 business days 6% 15%
Nova Scotia 5-9 business days 6% 15%
PEI 6-10 business days 6% 15%
Newfoundland 8-12 business days 6% 15%
Yukon 7-11 business days 10% 5%
Nunavut 8-12 business days 30% 5%
Northwest Territories 4-8 business days 10% 5%
BC - V0T 8-12 business days 6% 5%
BC - V0L 4-8 business days 6% 5%
What Is A Coordinator? What Is A Member?
A coordinator is the person responsible for setting up the group, finalizing the order and submitting the order to Purdys for processing. 
A member is someone who has joined the group to purchase chocolates.
What Is My Role As A Coordinator?
As A Coordinator You Will Be Responsible For: 
- Setting up your online account
- Overseeing the group event
- Selecting your important dates, such as order deadlines and delivery
- Submitting your order to Purdys
- Coordinating volunteers to assist with member pick up when your chocolates are delivered
I Like To Start A Group. How Do I Do This?
Please call Purdys Customer service at 1.888.478.7397 Ext. 1 to obtain an account number and password. 
Login as a coordinator with the customer number and password that we have provided you, and then click on “Create a Group” to set up your group.
Why Do I Need To Create A New Group Each Season?
Each Group is associated with one season, and one Group Order. Once your order has been shipped, your Group is closed. When you are ready to order for a new season, you will need to create a new Group. This will enable you to set the correct member deadline date, order delivery date and delivery address for your new order. As a member, you can still use your existing member account; you just need to join the new group created by your coordinator for the current ordering season.
How Do I Get Started As A Member? 
Register as a “NEW” member or log in with your existing user email address.
Click “Join A Group” and enter the applicable group customer number or user email address (provided by the group coordinator)
What Is My Customer Number? What Is My Password?
Please call Purdys customer service for your customer number and password.
You can reach us at 1.888.478.7397 Ext. 1 or 604-301-4495, or email us at fundraising@purdys.com or groupsavings@purdys.com
Can We Get Delivery To More Than One Location?
No. To keep our program costs low and pass on the savings to you each group can only select one delivery location, which must be within Canada.
I Paid For My Order - Now What Do I Do?
Coordinators:  Once all your members have paid for their orders you must click on “SUBMIT GROUP” and follow the directions provided to select your bonus item and include any special instructions.  Finally, SUBMIT your order to Purdys for processing and get ready to receive your order and distribute to members.
Members:  Once you have paid for your order please refer to the member pick up date to receive your sweet chocolates.
How Do I Apply Profit?
To apply profit please go to “Pay for Orders” and click on “Defer payment to Pay by Cheque or Apply Profit”
Which Report Shows Me The Breakdown Of The Profit Per Student / Member?
When you login please click on REPORT/RECEIPTS (left side of page) and click on GROUP PROFIT REPORT.