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Frequently asked questions

Where can I find Rebate Cheque information?

To find out when your Rebate cheque was issued login into your account as a coordinator.

The information will be on the top and highlighted in yellow.

Reminder: Cheques are letter mailed to the address used in your account which may differ from where your order was delivered.

Where can I find Terms and Conditions for the program?

You can find terms and conditions here

What’s the seasonal program submission deadline this Easter season?

The Purdys Seasonal Group Savings Program’s final submission deadline is stated below. No orders may be submitted from Coordinators or their members/supports beyond this deadline.

  • Group Savings Submission Deadline for your main group order is March 19th, 2024.
  • Group Savings Submission Deadline for add-on orders is April 5th, 2024.

What is the Program Submission Deadline, and why is it important?

Your program’s submission deadline is based on the given delivery window. Each coordinator must submit their program on time to get their order delivered within the given delivery window. If the coordinator misses their submission date, then the delivery window will no longer apply to that specific program.

Once you submit your program, we will process and pack your order within three (3) business days and send you tracking information. Please refer to the carrier’s website to get the delivery notifications.

How do I change my submission date?

Submission date cannot be changed as it will affect your delivery window.

When I pay for my whole order, won't this automatically submit my program?

No. To submit your program you need follow the procedures under the Submit Order tab online.

What if I need to change my address after submission?

Please either call us directly at 1-888-478-7397 Ext. 3 or email us at and have your customer number ready.

Where do I find support materials (e.g. posters, order forms, etc.)?

You can find all support materials here

I cannot find order forms in the printed catalogue. Where can I find order forms to print?

You can find order forms here

Purdys will not accept any paper orders for data entry. It is the responsibility of the Coordinator to enter any paper orders they receive and communicate the payment method to the supporter.

  • Coordinators: Head to the support materials page online.
  • Supporters: Reach out to your coordinator to provide the appropriate order form.
Are you offering any enclosure cards?
Enclosure cards will no longer be provided through our Seasonal Programs (Seasonal Fundraising or Groups Savings)
How can I submit my paper order?

All orders should be completed online. Purdys will not accept any paper orders. It is the responsibility of the Coordinator to enter any paper orders they receive and communicate the payment method to the supporter.

Can I pick up the chocolates from Curbside or Factory?

Coordinators have the option to directly pick up their orders from the Purdys warehouse in Vancouver, BC. A minimum processing time of 3 business days will still apply. You can change delivery option in your campaign settings.

Are the chocolates limited to what is in the catalogue? Can we order items that are not part of the catalogue?

The selection is limited to the available chocolates in the provided program catalogues and on the Group and Seasonal Fundraising website.

Important: Products sold on are not included as being a part of the program. Purdys will not honour any purchases made outside of the program, which includes transactions done through physical Purdys stores and to count towards purchases against the Coordinator's campaign to earn profits or be eligible for discounts, including but not limited to rebate cheque, profit cheque, and bonus items.

Do you I receive any bonus items?

Group Savings Coordinators will receive one (1) bonus item per eligible campaign after submission, excluding add-on orders. To qualify for the bonus item the Group Savings campaign should be over $750 before taxes and shipping. Purdys reserves the right to allocate any bonus items to an order or cancel any bonus items without prior notification.

Are gift cards available as a bonus item?
As of September 1st, 2021 gift cards are not available.

When will my order arrive?

When you start your program, we provide you with a delivery window based on your location. When your program is submitted, you will receive a tracking number. Please refer to the carrier’s website to get the delivery notifications.

How to update the coordinator's information?

Any changes to the account information such as Coordinator name update, address, or email change please either call us directly at 1-888-478-7397 Ext.3 or email us at


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Support Materials

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