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Campaign Submission and Delivery

Campaign Submission

What do our customers say about our Seasonal Fundraising Program?

Jenna, BC

I just want to say thanks Purdy’s staff! This order process could not have been easier! I appreciated the extra effort with phone calls to ask if I had questions or needed help and the phone call to remind me, I needed to submit my order was even more appreciated when the staff said they’d do it for me! Glad to purchase from a BC based business and as always, a great customer service experience!

It is important to remember that a campaign must still be submitted even if all orders have been paid. Submitting a campaign will prompt us to receive and print your actual order slip and will then be forwarded to warehouse for packing and shipping.

This process can only be completed by the Coordinator and can be done easily online with the steps below:

Step 1 - Sign into your account. Ensure that you are in Coordinator's Mode.

Step 2 - Click the Submit Group Button located at the top middle of the screen

Order Submission

You will be directed to the screen that will explain to you what the submission is and what it entails. Click Continue.

Order Submission

Step 3 - If you qualify for a rebate, a screen requesting for Rebate information will pop up. Complete this form and once done, click Continue.

Ensure that you use the correct payee and address information here. Any errors will result in a delay of the mailout of your rebate cheque. Any re-issuance due to incorrect Payee or address information will be subjected to a processing fee. Please see Terms & Conditions online for more information.

Order Submission
Rebate Levels
(Seasonal Fundraising)
2.5% at $4,000-$7,999 (before tax and shipping)
5% at $8,000 or more (before tax and shipping)

Step 4 – The next window will show you the option to input delivery instructions:

Order Submission

Note: The delivery instructions will be communicated to the carrier, and they will try their best to accommodate it. For example, use a buzz code, use side door etc.

Important: We are unable to make specific time/date requests for delivery as this will be in the carrier’s control. So please avoid putting a specific date or time in this section.

Step 5 – Order Review & Payment. Here you will be asked to review your total sales and payment that you need to make. You can always USE YOUR PROFIT to pay for any outstanding orders not paid via directly online with credit card.

  • Profit Applied towards balance owed option means that the amount of balance owed will be deducted from total profit. If there is any remaining profit this will be mailed out to customer in a cheque form.
  • Customer to pay Balance owed directly option means that customerwill receive the total profit amount in their cheque and will have to pay the balance owing upfront.

Step 6 – Select your Payment Method.

Order Submission

If you're paying via credit card – You will be requested to provide your credit cards details. Once completed, click Submit and you are all good to go! Just wait for your orders to arrive!

If you're paying via cheque please allow 5 – 7 transit days for the cheque to get to us plus another 10 business days for processing.

Important: We will not be able to process orders until we receive payment from our customers. Only one (1) cheque will be accepted from the Coordinator for order submission and directly approved by a Purdys representative.

When paying via cheque, please write your Customer Number in the MEMO Field and use the following information:

Please make all cheques payable to: R.C. Purdy Chocolates Ltd.
Purdys Chocolatier, Group Purchase, 8330 Chester St., Vancouver, BC, V5X 3Y7.

Coordinators are responsible for ensuring that we get the cheque payment no later than 10 business days prior to the chosen delivery window. Any delay will push the delivery window to a later date. Please refer to Terms and Conditions online for more information.

Important: Now that your Campaign has been submitted, it is important that you verify the Payee name and the address where your Profit Cheque will be issued to. Our Team will automatically use the information that you used during original registration.

Don't remember the account name and address you registered? Or want to use another Payee and address? Please call our Customer Service team at 1.888.478.7397 Ext. 1 and our fundraising specialist will be there to help you!

Rebates explained

If your campaign reaches $4,000 before taxes and shipping, you will qualify for an additional 2.5% rebate. If your campaign exceeds $8,000 before taxes and shipping, you will qualify for an additional 5% rebate.

Rebate cheques are issued a minimum of four (4) to six (6) weeks after the Seasonal Program has closed. It is the responsibility of the Coordinator to input the correct name and spelling for the payee at the time of submission, also input the correct mailing address. Any processing fees for any cheque re-issuance due to name change and stale-dated will be deducted from the rebate amount.

Rebates are available for the Seasonal Fundraising Program. Customers with multiple campaigns where the combined order totals have exceeded the minimum rebate threshold will receive 1 rebate cheque for all their Fundraising Campaign sales.

The rebate cheque amount is calculated based on the total product sales of the Seasonal Fundraising campaign. It does not factor in the shipping fee or the provincial tax of the Coordinator’s mailing province.

Purdys reserves the right to modify rebate levels at any time without notice.

Getting ready for delivery

What do our customers say about our Seasonal Fundraising Program?

Madison, AB

A huge shout out to the Purdy’s organization! Received the chocolate yesterday, was perfectly packed, no issues whatsoever! Everything we ordered was there, easy to distinguish between the different products, and lots of fun to sort! Thank you for offering such a superior fundraiser! Everyone was so excited to receive their products (honestly, who doesn’t love Purdy’s!?!) I can’t thank you enough, fundraising can be such a stressful thing-but the stress was totally taken away!

A link with the tracking information will be provided to you in the shipping confirmation email.

Note: It is Coordinator’s responsibility to track their order on the carrier's website and communicate with the carrier regarding the delivery status.

Now you can....

  • Print Summary report/Individual order report.
  • Confirm volunteers. We recommend 2 volunteers for every $1,000 of orders.
  • Print "Member Pickup Reports" and "Sorting Signs" under RESOURCES tab
  • Confirm availability of delivery location: ideally a secure, large room that will not exceed 20°C
  • Have supplies on hand, e.g., scissors, pens, highlighters, staplers
  • Pile chocolate of the same type together, then count the inventory to make sure you have received everything.
  • Now start sorting and bagging them based on the individual's summary report.


Step 1 - Please ensure you have printed Sorting Signs from here


Step 2 - Please ensure you have printed your Pickup Report Slip from here


Step 3 - Check your tracking number to determine the number of cartons you should be receiving (tracking number will appear on the site when the courier has uploaded the tracking information)

Step 4 - Once you receive the order, count the number of cartons before signing for the delivery

Step 5 - Find and open Carton #1 (labelled "Open Me First"), which contains packing slip and plastic bags

Step 6 - Ensure the quantities and SKUs of the items received matches the packing slip

Step 7 - Unpack all cartons and match each SKU to the sorting sign

Step 8 - You are now ready to start packing your orders.

Note: Most cartons contain different products as the same items are not packed together. Products with the same packaging can have the same wrapping paper, so it's very important to check the SKU of each box.

Success tips:

  • Count the number of boxes before signing for them
  • Find and open carton #1 (labelled "Open Me First"), which contains packing slip and plastic bags
  • Ensure the quantities and items received match the packing slip
  • Unpack all boxes – check SKU of EACH chocolate item and place it with the corresponding Sorting Sign

Packing individual orders

Success tips:

  • Work in pairs: One person reads the items listed, and the other picks and plastic bags items
    • Another pair of volunteers double-checks each completed order
  • Include the listed number of enclosure cards with the order
  • Staple the "Member Pickup Report" to the bag once it has been double-checked
  • It is recommended to double-check all orders once they have been picked/bagged

Note: if you are short one or more items or have leftover items, an error has been made while picking/packing individual orders. Please review to find the error.

  • Place bags in alphabetical order to make it easier to distribute orders to your customers
  • If you have customers with multiple orders, you may wish to place their orders in a box for easier distribution

Important: if you find an error after filling all individual orders, please contact Purdys' fundraising team immediately. Call us at 1.888.478.7397 Ext. 1 Our call centre is open from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm PST Monday – Friday.

Add-on orders explained

Once the submission is completed and the order is in progress, only the Coordinator can add an order they have missed when the original Campaign can't be reopened. Coordinators may request an add-on order after the submission of their campaign and before the program deadline only if their campaign is greater than $500 (before taxes and shipping charges).Addon orders are eligible for the 25% profit, Coordinator must associate their addon order with a campaign of $500 (before taxes and shipping charges) or more. This additional order must meet the current minimum amount for delivery, be paid in full, and be delivered to the same address as the main order.

The minimum order amount should be greater or equal to $100. Add-on orders are subject to their individual delivery range. The Coordinator is responsible for tracking the delivery on the carrier's website.

Important: Campaigns less than $500 (before taxes and shipping charges) are not eligible for any addon orders.

Coordinator may start a new campaign to process any outstanding orders if their original campaign is less than $500 (before taxes and shipping charges). The profit for such campaign will be calculated as follows:

  • Campaign orders* between $100 and $249.99 get a 5% profit cheque
  • Campaign orders* between $250 and $374.99 get a 10% profit cheque
  • Campaign orders* between $375 and $499.99 get a 20% profit cheque
  • Campaign orders* $500 and above get a 25% profit cheque
  • *before taxes and shipping charges

The Seasonal Fundraising Submission Deadline for any add-on orders is April 5, 2024.

Important: Purdys is not able to combine total product value or profit from multiple campaigns if the original submitted campaign was below $500 (before taxes and shipping charges).


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