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Group Savings with Purdys

Group together and save BIG: quick setup, no cost, great chocolates, 25% discount!

Group Savings Program is simple and free to use. It's an excellent way to save on Purdys chocolates. No cost to start, easy to share with your group members, and delicious results.

What our customers say about our Group Savings Program?

Jenna, BC

I just want to say thanks Purdy’s staff! This order process could not have been easier! I appreciated the extra effort with phone calls to ask if I had questions or needed help and the phone call to remind me, I needed to submit my order was even more appreciated when the staff said they’d do it for me! Glad to purchase from a BC based business and as always, a great customer service experience!

How does it work?

Purdys Group Savings Program helps you and your friends, family, coworkers and neighbours save on great chocolate gifts by purchasing a curated assortment at a 25% discount. Just register at, start your campaign and share a link with your supporters.


Register your organization at
We have everything you need to get started! Print your catalogues, posters and order form!


Follow the simple steps to set up your personalized webpage.

Spread the Word

Send family, friends and co-workers the link from the dashboard to your personalized webpage where they can shop for gifts and save 25%.



Submit your completed orders online and sit back and wait for your chocolate delivery.

Sort & Distribute

Grab some volunteers and sort your members’ individual chocolate orders, then distribute them to your members.


Is it easy to start a Group Savings order?

Group Savings with Purdys is a quick and easy way to get a 25% discount on great chocolate! If you want to save money as a family or with a group of coworkers, Purdys can help. This guide will help you to run a successful savings campaign with minimal effort.

Purdys Group Savings Program provides a 25% discount on selected products for a limited time. The products you see within this program are shown with prices already discounted (no need for extra calculation). To qualify for the Group Savings Program, your minimum order of the discounted products needs to be total $375, taxes and shipping excluded.

Group Savings Ideas

Whether you're looking for a personal or corporate group savings, we provide you with an easy way to get 25% off on curated chocolate assortment.

  • Personal gift giving
  • Savings with friends and family
  • Team bonding while saving with coworkers
  • Social committees
  • Corporate gifts and/or employee recognition

How do I get the most savings out of my order?

Our job is to help you save as much as possible. If you're a coordinator responsible for promoting your campaign, the key to success is to ask as many people as possible to join your group. You can do this by sharing your unique webpage link from the dashboard with ALL your group members.

It's essential to always include this link whenever you communicate with your members. It takes them to the registration page where they can join your group and shop for their favourite chocolates. Every time you communicate with your members, share your unique order link to get the most sign-ups and savings for your group savings order. Promote your link on social media to get more exposure. Send it to your friends on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or any other social media platform you use. Don't forget to email your contacts or add your group saving link on your social media page.

How long should I run my Group Savings order?

On average, we have found a 2–4-week program can effectively reach the $375 minimum to qualify for a group order. Having a start and end date helps drive urgency to your members as they only have a limited time to save 25% on great chocolate gifts. Remind your members that it’s a team effort to save as much as possible. So, the more they order, the faster you all reach the $375 minimum and get the discount. And if they surpass that minimum, you get a chance to receive additional rebates!

How do I get a 25% discount?

You only need to have a minimum purchase of $375 (before tax and shipping) as a team to get the 25% discount.

As an added incentive, if your order reaches $3,000 before tax and shipping, you will qualify for an additional 2.5% rebate. If your order exceeds $6,000 before tax and shipping, you will qualify for an additional 5% rebate. Excited, yet? Register at and start your order now.

  • Orders between $3,000 and $5,999 (before tax and shipping) receives a 2.5% rebate cheque
  • Orders over $6,000 (before tax and shipping) receives a 5% rebate cheque

Coordinator Success Guide

Download the PDF version.

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Support Materials

Support Materials

Tools to Get Started.

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Coordinator’s FAQ

Other questions you may have about the program answered.

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Next Steps

Next Steps

Suggestions for the next campaign.

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