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Returns, Replacements, Tax and Shipping Information

Tax and shipping information

Please refer to the table below.

Province Estimated Transit Days Shipping Fee Tax
British Columbia 1-4 business days FREE 5%
Alberta 2-6 business days FREE 5%
Saskatchewan 2-6 business days FREE 11%
Manitoba 3-7 business days FREE 12%
Ontario 4-8 business days FREE 13%
Quebec 4-8 business days 4% 9.975%
New Brunswick 5-9 business days 8% 15%
Nova Scotia 5-9 business days 8% 15%
PEI 6-10 business days 8% 15%
Newfoundland 8-12 business days 8% 15%
Yukon 7-11 business days 12% 5%
Nunavut 8-12 business days 35% 5%
Northwest Territories 4-8 business days 12% 5%
BC - V0T 8-12 business days 8% 5%
BC - V0L 4-8 business days 8% 5%


As our chocolate is a food product and cannot be re-sold due to Health and Safety reasons, we do not accept returns other than for quality concerns. We want our customers to be confident that when they purchase our products, they are not purchasing products previously sold and returned by other customers. Although we know the product is in the original wrapper (or packaging) and in good condition, it would never be re-offered for sale. We do not compromise on this policy.


Any replacement needs to be initiated through the Group Savings contact centre at 1.888.478.7397 Ext. 3. Any issues encountered during the weekend should be addressed through the Group Savings contact centre by the next business day. Group Savings Program orders will not be resolved through Purdy shop inquiries.

Replacements are the products provided in place of original due to errors in shipping and fulfillment. Replacements to be substituted with products of equal value if not available.

Any replacements in a shop or the warehouse will not be eligible to the original delivery range during the submission process and will be shipped out separately based on the availability date. The Coordinator understands this replacement does not have a guaranteed delivery date and may arrive after season.

Purdys will need to authorize and approve (depending on shop stock levels or availability) any in-shop or warehouse replacements. Purdys reserves the right to authorize replacements at its own discretion. In the case the replacement is not feasible, Purdys has the right to refund any products that cannot replace.

  • For Christmas Season, any replacements need to be requested within five (5) calendar days after Coordinator receives the order.
  • For Easter Season, any replacements need to be requested within five (5) calendar days after Coordinator receives the order.

Purdys may process the replacement of damaged items for no more than their original value. We reserve the right to honor any future claims against the original order.


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